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What you need to know

The best way to store your balsamic vinegar is by following these three storage tips:

1. Keep it cool: Similar to olive oil, traditional balsamic vinegar must be stored at room temperature in a cool place, your pantry, cupboard or wine cellar are perfect! Extreme hot and cold temperatures are very bad for your balsamic vinegar. These extreme temperatures will rob their exquisite taste.

2. Keep it dark: As tempting as it is to display your new balsamic vinegar, keep your balsamic vinegar away from light as well as other ingredients which may tarnish the complexity of its flavors.

3. Keep it sealed: Always keep your balsamic vinegar tightly and properly sealed to maintain quality. Keeping it in the original bottle is preferred for long-term storage.

Following these three steps will ensure your balsamic vinegar longer and preserve their flavor. Some flavors can be kept up to two and a half years! Have any questions, send us a message!

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